A task:

The article must be in English. The article should not be advertising and should naturally include a link to one of the appropriate pages on www.***.kitchen website, i.е. discussion of the problem that the website page solves;


  • The text should be divided into paragraphs and contain bulleted and numbered lists and subheadings (the use of marker 1 for numbering the first part and marker 2 for numbering the second part of the text is not allowed).
  • uniqueness of at least 90% – provide a link to the verification results;
  • the volume of the text is not less than 1100 words;
  • the article must include 1-2 images from sources such as Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, etc. with a CC0 1.0 license;
  • include at least 2-3 authoritative links/sources such as entrepreneurs.com, forbes.com, Gartner research, Investopedia, etc. (only one link is allowed per paragraph);
  • an article in English must also contain at least 2 internal links to already published articles on the site;
  • the text must be unique and must not be a rewritten work – it must be written specifically for our blog;
  • you may not publish the article elsewhere, we have the sole right to publish and edit the article at our discretion;
  • after the article topic is approved, a list of key phrases (5-8) that must be used when writing an article will be sent.

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The work was done with high quality and on time

I recommend.

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