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A task:

Write a selling text in English for the home page


About 6 thousand characters for blocks How we work, Question-answer, Why us, the first screen. And after that, 12-13 thousand characters of the article on the main page under SEO

Text subject:

I need to write a selling text in English for the main page of the student term papers, diplomas, etc. assistance service.
There is a preliminary prototype of the site.

On the first screen, a large text block is a SEO article that will be hidden under the button
On the blocks Why we and How we work, it is necessary to make small descriptions for each of the items
For the Question-Answer block, the size of the answers can be 300 -600 characters, depending on the question

Feedback on the work:

I ordered the writing of material for the home page of the site. Everything is written according to my wishes, the edits that I added were made quickly
Satisfied with cooperation😊

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