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To be honest, there is no clear answer to the question: “What should be the maximum number of characters in an article?”

If we consider that we are still on the Internet, where not every visitor has the opportunity to read for a long time, then short articles will be appropriate.

Furthermore, the most important thing is the quality and usefulness of the content. If your article meets these two requirements, then you don’t need to worry about how short or long it will be.

A perfect article, what is it?

If you want to get quality content, you must create a detailed and clear article. Do not forget that each reader perceives what he reads in his own way.

Creating lists.

Creating lists within articles (not items) helps readers focus on the main points and quickly jump to the selected thing. It is a good option in long articles to shorten them and tell that this is not all, that the topic is developing further.

What does a detailed and high-quality article provide?

A detailed article drives traffic to your blog. The reader loves detailed and high-quality information. He will add such an article to his favorites and return to read it again.

Therefore, regardless of how long or short the article will be, write in such a way that the reader will return to it or to the blog. After all, the main purpose of the blog is its visitors.

We would also like to emphasize that the maximum number of characters in the article is based on the topic of the blog. That is, if the blog is made for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, links, and communication, then short articles are absolutely appropriate here.

If it is educational or informational, then you can not do without long and detailed ones.

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